When planning a vacation, choosing the right type of accommodation is crucial to having an enjoyable experience. Hotels and transient apartment rentals are two common choices. Hotel rooms have always been a popular option for vacation lodging, but in recent years, short-term apartment rentals have grown in popularity. Which one gives the best vacation experience, then?

With 72% of Americans staying in hotels at least once a year, hotels are a practical choice for many tourists. They are simple to book and provide a range of extras that can improve your stay, like complimentary breakfast, daily housekeeping, gyms, and swimming pools. But they can also be pricey, especially if you want to stay in a well-known tourist location. Additionally, eating out every meal can add up quickly.

Short-term apartment rentals, on the other hand, give you more room and the freedom to cook your own meals, giving you a home-away-from-home feeling. The number of bookings made through Airbnb reached 400 million in 2019. This choice has gained popularity. In addition, short-term rentals can be found in places where hotels might not be, giving you a more genuine sense of place.

Short-term rentals may, however, have drawbacks. Unexpected maintenance issues, unpleasant neighbors, or insufficient amenities could all be present. In addition, finding your rental might require you to navigate unfamiliar streets, and checking in might not go as smoothly as it would at a hotel.

What kind of vacation experience you want will ultimately determine which choice is best for you. A hotel may be a better choice if you want a hassle-free stay with all the conveniences you could want. But a short-term apartment rental might be the best option if you’d like more autonomy, privacy, and the chance to live like a local.

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